Course Development and Teaching

Erin designed and taught an interdisciplinary, college-level course for motivated high school students on water-related science and engineering that included aspects of environmental science, water management, public health microbiology, environmental engineering, sociology, and environmental law. The course was taught as a Field Studies Course through Duke University’s Talent Identification Program.

 Community Outreach

Erin participates in community outreach as a guest speaker at schools and after-school programs. For example, she recently was a guest speaker for the Florida Teen SciCafe, where she gave a talk on “Peppers and poop: A new way to identify pollution”. She has also developed and presented microbiology-related exhibitions for the yearly Saint Petersburg Science Festival.

 Lake Atitlán Water Quality Monitoring & Community Outreach

During her Peace Corps service (2009-2010), Erin worked on a variety of projects related to Lake Atitlán’s water quality. She helped develop community outreach and education events related to Lake Atitlán with local NGOs. She also contributed to the establishment of the Watershed Monitoring Laboratory at the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala Altiplano’s Center for Atitlán Research and acted as lab manager during its first year. Additionally, Erin helped facilitate collaborative Lake Atitlán Expeditions between local Guatemalan entities and visiting scientists from the United States.

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